Using simple inductive Bible study, GOD IS IN CONTROL will help your child learn to identify four truths about God from the story of Joseph’s life as well as develop the skills to use inductive study to apply to other passages of Scripture.  This study pack is divided into four units of three lessons each with an additional activity included at the end of each unit.



GOD IS IN CONTROL: 4 Truths from the Life of Joseph

In the middle of uncertain times, our children are feeling the weight of anxiety, worry, and stress. Through life of Joseph, your children can unpack four truths about God to help them be certain He remains in control even when their circumstances seem very out of control.

Unit Themes

  • God is sovereign.
  • God is faithful.
  • God is merciful.
  • God is good.

Each unit includes:

  • A foundational truth about God
  • Memory verse
  • 3 guided inductive Bible study lessons
  • Jesus Connections
  • Digging Deeper questions for older kids
  • Unit activity

Bonus resources include Characteristics of God worksheet, Character study worksheet, Parent Pack, Activity Guides, Family Reading Plan, and more.


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